Interview with Designer Larisa Dragna

Diana Enaiche

Make-up Art & Styling




Romanian Designer


1. You graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts years ago. Do you think that in the past, it was easier to succeed in this business, or is it better now..?


LD: I belive that it wasn’t easy in the past, but it isn’t much easier now also. Yes, the Romanian fashion consumer is more open to something new and different, but still they are afraid to assume an outfit that stands out for itself; they like it, but they are scared to wear it.


2. Which items have you loved to design the most, and why?


LD: In every collection I fall in love with a different item and it would be unfair to decide on just a few. I admit, that my latest loved one was The White Laser cut dress witch would be number one in my top 5, but also The Orange and grey hood jacket would compete with it, so as I already told you it is a hard decision.


3. Have you ever considered a men’s line?


LD: Yes, I am still dreaming on it. A few years ago I had a capsule collection exclusively for men, but unfortunately my main (women) clients kept me busy, so I had to delay further development of a full men’s line.


4. What word describes your last collection? What was your inspiration?


LD: I would say ”aspiring”, because of the intricate laser cut patterns. My inspiration comes from the most basics things, in this case the equal-sided triangle and its perfection.


5. What are the 5 key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?


LD: I believe that every women should have in her wardrobe those pieces that make her trust in herself. In my oppinion the costume is not a mask that you wear to hide your imperfections, but an extention of your own personality.


6. What is a continuous inspiration for you?


LD: The city and its restlessness.


7. How do you see the woman that is dressed by Larisa Dragna?


LD: A women that loves herself and what she does, a women that is sensitive but strong, a women that knows herself and is decided.


8. Who would you like to dress? What public figure would you like to see wearing the clothes that you design?


LD: Kate Middleton


9. What collection are you working on, at the moment? Can you tell us more about its concept?


LD: Right now I am working at my SS 2017 collection. It is a more feminin line, transpose in the future with volume, texture and transparency.


10. Tell us 2 things that no one knows about you!


No1. I love musicals, I would definetely like to spend my life in a musical!


No2. I like wearing different collored socks at the same time. It brings a smile on my face every time.

11. What advice would you give a student who desires a carreer as a fashion designer?


LD: Learn from your mistakes! Whatever you will learn from your own mistakes will eventually define you as a designer!