NEW London Carnival 2016

Diana Enaiche

Make-up Art & Styling





Invited to a fancy party this season? Carnival Party for the NYE? Panic NOT.


Inspiration lies on the catwalk, where designers have showcased some of the craziest colourful outfits, remembering us of kids' cartoons characters, our happy childhood, a time when we believed in Peter Pan, The Never Land, and that flying over London was possible, by any of us. A magic world, full of colour, enthusiasm, dreams and hopes. Memorable moments! Dare to WEAR those moments for the night between the years, dare to return to your childhood, have hope and big dreams again!

Be brave, courageous, fearless, heroic!


Last year, winter found us in Italy. This year, winter found me in the heart of London.

Lovely view upon Thames in the morning, new friends, new hopes, new vibes, new colour of life. Beautiful warm winter. No snow.

Lovely weather to wear quite any NYE outfit.



Daring ones. Bright. Flashy. Unusual. Enchanting Unique headpieces. Love them all.


Blue, feminine, flowy dress.

And Dotty Butterflies, for NYE.

Green & blue. Hope and melancholy. The grass and the sky. Rebirth and serenity. A new beginning. A new year.



May you have love, patience and dear ones close to you! May you have more adventures to live in the year ahead of you!

Adventures & dreams.

Never stop dreaming!









OANA NUTU ATELIER evening dress

NITA SAO headpiece




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