Festive Fun in A Special Item

Diana Enaiche

Make-up Art & Styling



Festive Fun in A Special Item

LONDON is filled with outdoor activities during winter, especially for those who do not want to spend Christmas time indoors, but enjoy a hot cup of mulled wine outside, in the blistery cold for a few hours. Christmas is not about expensive presents ( except when you like shopping for the dear ones in one of the most luxurious places in LONDON, in this case, check some selected favourite items from Harvey Nichols Store that every woman would adore).


What Christmas time is all about... well, it's about the closest ones, family, dear friends, the loved one, and the quality time you all spend together, whether you planned a pyjamas party, old movies in bed under the blanket, going for a stroll under the snow, or going ice-skating together on a sunny morning in LONDON.


Whether you choose skating, hosting a intimate dinner with friends, or a party later on, at your favourite bar, you should go for a different look this season.


Just open your wardrobe, and look for the dress that made you feel special once, the day that HE considered you BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS in, the dress that brought a smile on his face, maybe the dress you said YES in... A beautiful, white designer dress, that you bought for the most special event in your life, that you haven't been able to wear again. This Christmas is a really good opportunity to reinvent it, just wear it under a golden blazer or a simple knit, teaming the look with lovely metallic heels , and a statement headpiece.







This year, dare to be different! Chose to wear one item that means the world to you, and try to reinvent it!


For this look, I chose Romanian brands:



INSINUA Limited Edition Golden Blazer (on www.molecule-f.com)

NITA SAO Headpiece

MUSETTE Metallic Heels




Hairstyle and Colour: Badea Camelia | Cantemir Salon

Nail Art: Mihaela D | Phoenix




Fashion Photography: VOLKER VORNEHM