Feeric Fashion Week- Sibiu 2016

Diana Enaiche

Make-up Art & Styling



Feeric Fashion Show

Sibiu 2016

- The last day-

time has passed ... Feeric Fashion Week ran its 9th edition this summer, and it was all a huge success, making it impossible for averyone not to wonder about 2017 edition - How will Mitichi and his talented creative crew amaze us all, on their 10th anniversary edition?!


Some of us came to Feeric Festival for the first time, but most of us will remain forever enchanted by the whole atmosphere and amazing experience.


Not only that you get the chance to showcase your newest collection in East Europe in the most authentic way as a designer, or the opportunity to write your article on favourite runaway shows as a fashion editor or as blogger, but you will also be given the opportunity to visit beautiful Transylvania with landscapes like you have never seen before. stunning catwalk locations, from the Sibiu Zoo, churches and flour factories, to a rotating platform of a train depot .


Feeric Fashion Week provided its guests a unique experience. Stay tuned for details!


Celia Dora was the first appearance in the last day of this year' s Feeric Fashion Week, showcasing the "Heritage" oriental influenced collection, in front of 150 people, on the famous Manejului Street of Sibiu.


An amazing located show was Emma Viedma 's, at the old train depot in Sibiu, directly on the rotating platform! a lot of work from the feeric team to make it all happen, but it was definetely worth it!

The FEERIC GALA presented more impressive designer collections; catch mitchelle by mihaela teleaga, mona predescu, rozan by roxana parvu, serrousi, provocative & plick.

Vali Ciobanu amazed the guests of feeric gala by presenting a beautiful, romantic collection called " Ielele ", inspired by old Romanian traditions of unearthly beauty, seduction, purity, legends, and magical creatures.